Understanding the Need for Seeing a Great Pediatric Dentist in Locust NC

Though we don’t see them in babies, teeth actually begin development in the womb. The mother’s diet greatly influences the healthy growth of their child’s teeth. Mom has to take in sufficient amounts of calcium and have a balanced nutritious diet. There are medications an expecting mother should never ingest as they can cause discoloration in the embryo’s developing teeth.

While every child is different, primary teeth start coming in between six and 12 months. Most primary teeth will be in place by 30-40 months, with teeth coming in for girls earlier than boys. Baby teeth begin falling out around six years of age. The transformation from baby teeth to permanent teeth can take as long as six to 8 years.

Your child can actually start seeing our pediatric dentist in Locust as early as first tooth or first birthday. Wait longer than this and risk the opportunity to prevent tooth decay in children to diminish. Do not assume because baby teeth fall out dental care is less of a concern. Our comforting pediatric dentist ensures the child’s mouth develops in a normal and safe manner.

Pediatric dentists in Locust are highly recommended due to the specialty associated with handling children and making them feel comfortable and having a more refined understanding of the development of a child’s mouth, gums, teeth, etc. These clinicians have been trained in the specifics of children’s teeth and how to help parents ensure children are properly taking care of their mouths. On top of that, a pediatric dentist understands how anxious a dental visit can be. This is why they have kid-friendly environments, giving children a comforting place to be entertained before their treatment.

One way to prevent tooth decay in children is to promote good oral hygiene that children will carry into adulthood is with our great pediatric dentists. They will conduct a thorough and gentle examination of the mouth that won’t alarm the child. The dentist will help you prepare the child for a visit. They will show the family how to prevent tooth decay in children, the importance of brushing teeth and tell children why they need to visit the dentist regularly.

If you have a child with special needs, they are at greater risk for oral diseases. Regular visits to our children’s dentist office in Locust will be needed for preventive care and to educate parents in administering responsible oral health habits.