Statesville Pediatric Dentists Share First Aid Tips for Common Tooth Injuries in Kids

It can be scary when a child loses a tooth due to trauma. Common tooth injuries in children can come from playing sports without a mouth guard or falling down and banging their mouth. There are certain things you can do when your child loses a permanent tooth to make sure the tooth has the best chance of being placed back in the mouth.

Injuries to Baby Teeth

When your child loses a baby tooth, there’s no reason to be concerned in regards to keeping the tooth intact. Those teeth are meant to fall out at some point. You will want to apply pressure to the gums where it’s bleeding. Cold, wet gauze is the best material to apply to the gums.

You might want to have the child place some ice on the gums or suck on an ice pop to keep the swelling down. Pain relievers might be needed for the pain. Place a call to our pediatric dentist in Statesville to discuss the next steps if you feel there’s been some serious trauma to the mouth.

If the baby tooth was chipped or broken, keep an eye on the tooth for discoloration or swelling in the gums. This could be a sign that calls for a dentist to check the tooth.

Permanent Tooth Injury

If a permanent tooth is broken or cracked, collect the pieces of the tooth and rinse the mouth with warm water. You’ll want to contact a local pediatric dental office immediately for a visit.

If a child’s tooth is knocked out completely, this can be a bit more serious. You’ll need to find the tooth and keep it in a sterile saline solution. If that’s not available, a container filled with milk will work. Never keep the tooth in tap water, and don’t touch the root.

A dentist can save the tooth if it’s brought with the child, and he or she is seen within 15 minutes of the trauma. Have the child bite down on a square of gauze to relieve the pain as well as the bleeding.

Common tooth injuries in children can be avoided with mouth guards worn during sports. Contact our Statesville pediatric dental office if you have an emergency situation with a broken tooth.