Importance of Children Getting Dental Cleanings as Explained by Our Locust NC Pediatric Dentists

Baby teeth aren’t so important, are they? They will fall out and the child will get new ones. The permanent teeth are the teeth to worry about!

Some people still believe that to be true. The fact of the matter is that baby teeth are just as important as permanent teeth for a number of reasons.

Baby teeth:
1. Save space in the growing jaw for permanent teeth to erupt.
2. Help children chew food for proper digestion.
3. Assist children to speak clearly.
4. Set the stage to ensure good dental care for a lifetime.

What are the Consequences of Decayed Baby Teeth?

  • Decayed teeth are painful for children. Baby teeth are just as prone to decay as permanent teeth. More than 50 percent of children have had some tooth decay by the age of five.
  • If a baby tooth is lost, the eruption of permanent teeth will be affected. Permanent teeth then drift into spaces for other teeth to erupt, causing malocclusion.
  • These are just two important reasons for regular kids dental exams.

At What Age Should Kids Dental Exams Be First Performed?
Good oral hygiene at home begins at birth. The baby’s mouth and new teeth should be cleaned after feeding with a small cloth or baby tooth brush. Our Locust NC children’s dentist recommends the first dental visit when the first tooth erupts, and no later than one year of age.

Should My Child Have a Professional Cleaning by a Pediatric Dentist?
Yes. Our Locust Pediatric dentists recommend prophylactic cleanings at least twice a year for children. Children aren’t always good at brushing teeth. Sometimes proper brushing gets lost in the shuffle of busy life. A professional cleaning makes sure that plaque buildup and food deposits don’t damage teeth.

Will the Cleaning Be Traumatic for My Child?

No. Our pediatric dentists and children’s dentists in Locust NC are trained to make dental work for children easy and comfortable. At the cleaning appointment, special, flavored toothpaste is used and an electric tooth brush. An ultrasonic scaler is used to remove heavy plaque and calculus for older children. Then a fluoride varnish to prevent decay may be applied. Children will be advised not to drink or eat for at least 30 minutes, and not to brush for that time. The longer the fluoride is on the teeth, the more effective it becomes.

Your child’s teeth are important for good health. Please contact our Locust children’s dental office today to make an appointment for your child.