5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of Dentists

Many adults have a fear of the dentist and children are no exception. Some develop the fear because they hear other people discuss their challenging experiences. Others fear the dentist because that person is a stranger. No matter what the reason is for your child’s dental fear, he or she can overcome it – with your help. The following are five tips to help you calm your little one for the next visit to our local Mooresville pediatric dental office:

  1. Always Talk About the Dentist in a Positive Light
    One common mistake that parents make is discussing a poor dental experience around the kids. They may unknowingly instill fear by talking that way. You should always paint the picture of the dental visit as a “fun” experience for the entire family.
  1. Praise and Reward Your Child for Being Brave
    You can encourage your child and diminish his or her fear by offering praise or rewards after a successful routine visit with our Mooresville pediatric dentist. The gesture will prep your young one to stand strong for more involved future procedures if necessary.
  1. Explain That the Dentist Is a Friend
    Some children experience fear because they view the dentist as an intruder who is going to violate their personal space. You should explain that the dentist is a friend whose mission is to make the teeth clean and lovely.  Practice at home with your child by laying them on the bed to brush their teeth. This will make being in a dental chair familiar.
  1. Take Your Child to Meet the Dentist First
    Children need to be comfortable with the dentist before they are seen for a complex procedure. You should take your child to visit the dentist so that he or she can have a short visit with the dentist and build trust. Our Mooresville pediatric dentist really likes new visitors and makes the experience easy and fun.
  1. Select Sedation Dentistry for Children
    Selecting sedation dentistry for children with extensive dental work is an excellent way to diminish the worries. You can reassure the child that the doctor will help him or her to sleep, and no pain will occur.  Sedation dentistry gives us a fresh start to remove the dental disease and start with good dental visits.

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