Why your children should be drinking milk

Children are very impressionable, and during the first years of their life they will learn many new things. This includes what they should be eating and drinking, how much of it they should eat and drink and also how often they should eat or drink it. With all this in mind, it really is an ideal time for you to try and get your children focused on healthy choices when it comes to food and beverages.


The correct choice of food and beverage will not only be non-damaging to your children’s teeth but it will actually provide benefits to them. Calcium is easily one of the most essential nutrients for a healthy smile. It strengthens tooth enamel (this is the hard outer shell of your teeth). Tooth enamel helps defend against cavities and tooth erosion. Milk is a major source of calcium, it also contains proteins and is lower in sugar than many other beverages.


Children between the ages of 5 and 7 are the most common victims of dental erosion. Dental erosion is the wearing and breaking down of a tooth, and the effect of it is not reversible. However, if the proper action is taken you are certainly able to prevent damage from happening and even reduce or manage any damage that has already been done. Milk and yogurt based products are actually known to often have a protective effect on tooth erosion. This is mainly due to the amount of calcium and phosphate that they contain.


You as a parent can introduce your children early on to milk, cheese and also yogurt. Encourage your children to make the healthy choice in food and beverages and be sure to see the benefits when they smile. Provide calcium-rich foods in their meals and ensure that your children are consuming the correct amount of total calcium.  


Even if your child is lactose intolerant, it is still possible for you to provide them with a diet that is calcium-rich and benefits their teeth. There are several nondairy sources of calcium you may be able to encourage your children to consume these may include soy milk, almonds, soybeans, white beans, or kidney beans, tofu with added calcium, canned sardines and salmons (with the bones), and even orange juice with added calcium.  


When you teach your children about eating healthy, drinking healthy, and healthy living habits, you will be leading them to a healthy smile and a healthy set of teeth and gums. If you set a balanced diet for you and your children to follow, starting off when they are at a young age it will become a habit for them. As their parent, you are your children’s primary influence when it comes to eating habits which can affect their future weight, their smile, and their overall health. You will be the primary influence on their eating habits as a child which will lead them to their eating habits throughout the rest of their life.