What Every Parent Should Know About Children’s Tooth Extractions

The tooth extraction procedure isn’t usually associated with permanent teeth in children’s dental care, but it is a necessity at times for the baby teeth. Our Salisbury pediatric dentists want to make sure that children have the best chance at a great smile from the very beginning.

1. Necessity in Young Children

It may seem like teeth just fall right out of children’s mouths around the kindergarten age, but not everyone experiences this shift. In fact, some baby teeth hold on for an extended period of time. Our pediatric dentists may need to extract those teeth so that the adult teeth can move into place. These extractions are relatively simple because the roots are typically at the end of their life.

2. Injury Considerations

As teens age, their wisdom teeth might require extraction. Dentists and oral surgeons make this determination as patients start junior or senior high school. Tooth extractions for teenagers tend to be more complex than children’s procedures, but they’re extremely important for overall health.

3. Preparing Your Child

Discuss some of the details about the procedure with your child, but don’t offer too much graphic information. They should have a good meal the day before the extraction unless the dentist advises otherwise. The child will have a quick, local anesthetic before the tooth-removal process. With a gentle pressure and movement, the tooth will most likely be gone from the mouth without any issues.

4. Post-Operative Care

Depending on the child’s health and extraction details, the gum area will usually require flushing with water or a medicinal aid. Follow all of the eating rules provided by the dentist. The child may need to consume liquid meals until the gum is healed.  Children heal significantly faster than we do as adults, so 12-48 hours is usual for children to return to normal eating.

Contact our Salisbury pediatric dental office today with any questions about our tooth extraction procedures. Our experienced and caring dentists will thoroughly examine the child before any procedures are recommended. In the end, we merely want to be here for our patients with the best services for lifelong oral health.