Pediatric Dentistry is focused on oral health for young children, adolescents, children with high anxiety, and special needs. It is important for your child to begin seeing a dentist as early as first tooth or first birthday so that they are able to build a relationship and a form of trust when going into a dental office.

We at NC Pediatric Dentistry believe in having open communication with the child and parent, keeping you up to date with the latest technology, providing you with a kid-friendly environment, and focusing on early detection, prevention, and any treatment needed for dental diseases. Establishing a Dental Home as early as first tooth, first birthday will help keep your child’s teeth healthy and free from dental or oral disease.

We know that there can be challenges when coming into a dental office so that is why our team is trained to work with these patients in order to make them feel comfortable and safe. Pediatric Dentistry is a way to establish a dental home for your little one and provide them with a dental experience that will last a lifetime and build Happy and Healthy Smiles!