My Child Is Not Brushing His Teeth. What Can I Do?

For most of us adults, brushing our teeth is second nature. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes getting our children to clean their teeth. Whether they’re fearful or just plain stubborn, our Locust pediatric dentists say it’s important for parents to find tips for brushing teeth that are easy and appealing. Consider one, some, or all ideas when it’s time to get your kids at the sink with a toothbrush.  Remember to brush your child’s teeth every morning and night until age 6, then every night until age 9.   They can help, but the dexterity is not adequate until they can write really well.

Character Toothpaste Dispenser

Whatever children’s TV program your kids may be interested in, you can use this to your advantage when persuading them to brush their teeth. Purchase a cute character dispenser for toothpaste to encourage the child to get their teeth clean and breath fresh.

Chart of Stars

Charts work in school and even in local children’s dentist offices, so why not use them at home? Create a weekly chart with boxes to place stickers or stars for every day your child brushes their teeth. Once your little one has earned a star or cute sticker for each day of the week, let them choose a surprise. You can reward them with anything you feel is suitable.

Plan a Special Shopping Trip

A shopping trip planned for nothing but choosing their own toothbrush and toothpaste can make the trip special to your child. Whether you go to a large department store or the local pharmacy, a planned trip for the purpose of choosing a “big boy” or “big girl” teeth-cleaning kit can go a long way in getting your kids excited about the entire process.

Sing a Song

If your little one has a favorite nursery rhyme or radio song, brushing-teeth time can be the perfect occasion to sing. While your kids prepare to brush and clean, you can sing a song that they love; singing it until they’ve brushed for at least two minutes. Note: You can also use this approach during your little one’s visit to the local children’s dentist!

Important things to consider when your child brushes their teeth:

  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Adults and children should brush for at least 2 minutes
  • Choose a fluoride toothpaste as it protects the enamel and prevents cavities
  • Use dental floss daily
  • Don’t forget to brush the tongue

No matter which tips for brushing teeth you choose to get your child interested in brushing their teeth, just remember, the process can be made fun for both you and your kids. This daily personal hygiene task is necessary, of course, and it can be a struggle to get your young ones to cooperate. However, using your imagination and a little craftiness can make the everyday event fun and exciting. Our skilled Locust pediatric dentists can help you form a plan of action and for additional ideas or to schedule your child’s first checkup, call our dentist office today.