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Preparing Your Child for Their First Visit to the Dentist

Planning for a child’s first dental visit is extremely important and all care must be taken to ensure that this major event is made as enjoyable and positive for the child as it the first visit would be extremely impressionable upon the kid and would set course for his or her future visits to dentists as well as other doctors. Below mentioned are some great tips which would help you in preparing your child for their first visit to a dentist.

If the child has older siblings, you can help them get acquainted with the dentist’s office and its environment by taking them too during the older sibling’s dental appointment. This would help them to know their environment better, putting them at ease. They would also learn proper behavior by observing the actions of other kids and people around them. It also allows the child to know and recognize the hygienists and dentists working in the clinic, so that he or she can relax during their turn. Also, during the first appointment, there is vital paperwork to be filled out, so you can ask your dentist to email or mail you the paperwork in advance so that during the visit you are able to focus on your child instead of focusing on the paperwork. 

The first visit to the dentist usually involves discussions about techniques and methods to care about your child mouth as well as on the use of fluoride. The dentist will also talk about problematic habits such as biting nails or putting fingers in the mouth, or sucking on thumbs. He or she will take a closer look at the child’s gums and find out problems in the child’s gum and teeth. He or she will also lay out a schedule for the future dental visits of the child. To explain good dental habits to the child, the dentist may also make use of picture books and illustrated charts or models. He or she may also employ the use of interactive media to make them understand the need for proper dental and oral care for a healthy oral lifestyle.

It is also extremely important to choose the right dentist as the child’s experience for all his or her future would depend upon the interactions with this dentist. It is preferred to choose a dentist who specializes in children, that is, a paediatric dentist, as these doctors have more experience dealing with kids and can provide the level of care and empathy normal dentists cannot provide.

Another important factor post the first visit to the dentist is to make sure the child follows the dental habits taught to him or her. In this stage, it is very vital that you practice these dental and oral habits as the child would generally consider you as your role model and will try to emulate what you do. So practicing proper habits can make sure he or she learns them, too.  

NC Pediatric Dentistry specializes in providing the best dental care to kids of all age groups. Our caring staff goes the extra mile to ensure that young kiddos get the best dental care and experience.

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