Foods We Recommend Your Children Avoid for Improved Dental Hygiene & Better Health

As any good local children’s dentist will tell you and your family, children must brush, floss and rinse to maintain good dental health and oral hygiene. However, these aren’t the only dental hygiene tips you should be aware of as a parent. You also need to make sure your children are eating the right foods. With that mind, here are some foods your children should avoid for better dental health.


One food that should certainly be avoided entirely is soda. Your children drinking soda is one certain way to make sure their teeth come in contact with cavity causing sugar. Soda drinkers have been shown to have far more problems with their teeth than others that stick to less sugary drinks. However, even diet soda can be risk since it still includes the same acidic content that can eat away at tooth enamel.

Potato Chips

Parents may assume that potato chips pose far less of a risk to a children’s teeth since they do no typically include high amounts of sugar. This is incorrect. Chips, as well as other crunchy starchy foods, break into tiny particles of food that can more easily get lodged between a child’s teeth. Once there, the food will become plaque and feed bacteria that can cause tooth decay as well as the gum disease gingivitis.

Hard Candy

The threat of hard candy for children’s teeth is twofold. First, hard candy contains an exorbitantly high amount of sugar that can certainly help work with the bacteria in the mouth to create cavities. The second danger comes from the hardness aspect of the candy. If the candy is too hard, biting down on it directly can lead to a chipped or broken tooth.

Iced Tea

Iced tea may seem like a good alternative to soda. It is true that drinking iced tea will lead to far less tooth decay than soda. However, iced tea presents its own problems. Much like coffee, iced tea tends to stain the teeth. If some of this stain gets in between the teeth, it may be hard to remove even for a dental hygienist.

However, even proper diet combined with brushing, flossing and rinsing may not be enough to prevent all possible dental problems. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular check-ups with a local children’s dentist.

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