About NC Pediatric Dentistry

Who is NC Pediatric Dentistry?

NC Pediatric Dentistry (NCPedo) is a network of affiliated local pediatric dental offices committed to providing exceptional care to children and families while also nurturing supportive partnerships with our communities. We truly believe a positive dental experience as a child results in better oral health for life!

What makes us unique? Our Mission! To C.A.R.E.

Community Care

We go above and beyond the call of duty to support and encourage a lifetime of dental health. All of our affiliated offices provide dental education in their communities and support local community organizations, schools, and other healthcare providers. Teaching kids engaging ways to maintain good dental health is our passion.

Access and Affordable Care

We are committed to geographical access and affordability of dental care. To eliminate barriers of access, our affiliated offices proudly accept most dental insurances and provide affordability options and comprehensive insurance pre-authorization services to provide a hassle-free experience.  We work hard every day to give children the exceptional dental care they deserve to promote healthy smiles for life.

Relationships and Individual Care

Our foundation is built on character and strong relationships. We believe supporting our fantastic team members means they will go above and beyond to provide incredible individual care for our patients. We foster the development and growth of our team members and their relationships throughout the organization. We are dedicated to respecting, listening to, and empowering our team members so that they can meet their personal and professional goals.

Exceptional Care

We deliver a Better Dental Experience by constantly improving the quality of our dental care and patient experience. We believe providing a modern, professional and fun dental experience while supporting clinical advancements combines for an experience that is one-of-a-kind. Every child is entitled to a gentle and patient environment that affords better dental health for life.

Why Choose NC Pediatric Dentistry Affiliate?

At NCPEDO, we understand that finding a great healthcare provider can be an overwhelming and scary process. We are here to help! Our top priority is to provide excellent care centered around a relaxed and fun experience for children and parents. We are committed to being a trusted partner in your child’s dental health. We want to make your child’s pediatric dental experience educational, affordable, personal and exceptional!

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Little Girl Brushing Teeth at Nearby NC Pediatric Dentist

NC Pediatric Dentistry has been providing exceptional dental care and services to communities and families around North Carolina but don’t just take our word for it… Check out our reviews!

Kids Corner is just for kids! Featuring a Song of the Month, Book of the Month, FREE downloadable packet with coloring sheets, crossword puzzles and more, it’s just what every kid could want from their dental care office.

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All of our dental practices and staff focus on providing quality dental care and education tailored to fit our patients.

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We have developed an informative and fun complimentary dental health program for preschool-8th grade children for their parents, teachers, and teacher aides. The program teaches the importance of baby teeth, toothbrushing, and flossing techniques, why regular dental check-ups are important, and how to achieve a healthy diet.

Our extensive outreach efforts include free oral health screenings, education, and prevention at local daycares, schools, preschools, and community agencies.