4 Simple Ways to Make Your Child’s First Visit to the Pediatric Dentist as Comfortable as Possible

Taking your child to the dentist office for the first time can be a worrisome experience and many children tend to be afraid of going to the dentist their first time and visits thereafter. To help keep them calm, our Locust NC pediatric dentists recommend following these tips to help make children visiting the dentist for the first time go as smoothly as possible.

1. Feed Them a Light Meal

As a parent, you know how cranky kids can get when they are hungry. That is the last thing you want at the dentist office. To avoid this, make sure you feed your child a light meal about an hour before the visit to the dentist. Don’t make the meal too heavy as the only thing worse than a cranky child at the dentist is a upset stomach.

2. Bring a Positive Attitude

Children feed off of the attitudes of their parents. If you do not like going to the dentist, it is important that you try to hide this from your children. If they pick up on your fear, it could make them anxious about their visit to the dentist. Make sure to smile and use positive language when you are discussing the dentist with them. When parents show a positive attitude about dentists, their kids will do the same.

3. Pick the Right Dentist

One of the most important parts of making children visiting the dentist a success is picking out the right dentist near you or convenient to your daily commute, but also who has a reputation for doing great work. It is a smart idea to select one of our Locust pediatric dentists who has a reputation for excellence working with children and when you specifically look for dentists who are good with kids, it maximizes the chances that your child’s first dental visit will go well because the dentist is already trusted throughout the community and may even be talked about at school with the other children. This can create some buzz at the child’s level!

4. Make Oral Hygiene Important

When kids have good role models, they will be much more likely to practice good oral health as they grow up. You can help reduce children’s anxiety about the dentist by being positive about oral health. Use smiles and enthusiasm to show your children with how to brush and floss. When you are positive about oral hygiene, it will rub off on your kids.

If your child is ready to start seeing our Locust pediatric dentists, then come visit our office. We are specialized in pediatric dentistry. We will do everything we can to make your child’s first visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible and will help ease any anxiety you may have as well. We know parents can be stressed, too, but rest assure, you will be in great hands wt Locust Pediatric Dentistry!