Wadesboro Pediatric Dentist Shares 5 Healthy Habits for Your Child’s Oral Health

Parenting is a big responsibility and part of your responsibility is to ensure that your child grows up healthy. This certainly includes your child’s mouth and teeth. If you want to make sure your children remain free of cavities and decay, below are five dental hygiene tips that can help as explained by our local pediatric dentist.

1. Lead by Example

Children look to their parents as role models. This is true because young children learn by example. If you want your children to learn how to maintain good oral health, one of the smartest dental hygiene tips you can use is to follow your own advice. Even going as far as brushing, flossing and rinsing with your child each morning and evening is a good idea, can pay off for your child in the long run and many of our patients tell us that it can be quite fun as well.

2. Go Electric

Children love toys. They especially love electric ones. Thankfully, you can combine that principal with brushing by purchasing a child friendly electric tooth brush. There are even ones themed after Disney characters and super heroes. Even better yet, electric tooth brushes do a better job of removing plaque than regular tooth brushes.

3. Provide Healthy Snacks

As your local dentist, one of the keys to avoiding cavities is cutting down on sugar. Children, however, should still get snacks. Choose more teeth friendly snacks without artificially added sugar. For example, “ants on a log,” which consists of peanut butter on a piece of celery with raisins representing the ants, is certainly a much better choice than candy. Other smart oral friendly snacks include:

• carrot sticks with ranch dip
• yogurt
• popcorn
• cheese
• milk
• apple slices

4. Choose a Child Friendly Mouth Rinse

Our Wadesboro pediatric dentist agrees that, along with brushing and flossing, children also need to be rinsing. This can help kill the germs in the mouth and prevent serious gum diseases like gingivitis. However, you shouldn’t choose the rather nasty tasting alcohol based mouth rinses adults use. Choose a brand specifically designed for children with more agreeable flavors and less of a medicinal taste.

5. Choose the Best Local Children’s Dentist

Lastly, you need to choose the right pediatric dentist. Routine dental check-ups are definitely required to ensure that your child’s teeth remain healthy and properly cared for. If you live in the Wadesboro area, we can certainly help since our office includes some of the best Wadesboro pediatric dentists. Please call our office today to request an appointment.