Important Information Regarding Fillings & Cavity Prevention in Children

Tooth decay is a serious problem among today’s children. A report from Parents Magazine states that more than 4 million preschoolers suffer from tooth decay. If you have a child, then he or she is at risk for decay, which is the leading reason that doctors place tooth fillings in kids’ teeth. The following are four tips that you can try as a parent to reduce the amount of tooth fillings in kids that you love.

1. Teach Your Kids to Floss Every Day

Flossing is an integral part of dental care that can help your child avoid cavities, filling and halitosis. You should teach your child to floss just as soon as that child is capable of understanding what it is.

2. Send Them to the Dentist

Another way that you can prevent the need for fillings is if you send your child to the dentist frequently. The rule-of-thumb practice is to take your child for an exam and cleaning twice per year. Insurance companies even cover it in many cases. It can never hurt to bring your child to our Denver pediatric dentist too much.

3. Have Them Rinse Frequently

Cavity prevention in kids starts with smart practices such as rinsing after meals and snacks. It seems like a simple task, but it is truly an effective one. The rinse gets some of the food particles out before they get a chance to start developing and feeding the bacteria. You could also teach your child to floss after a meal, which will help keep the teeth extra clean.

4. Fluoride Treatments and Sealants

Fluoride treatments and applications make the teeth stronger, while sealants protect the enamel and stop foods and acidic liquids from penetrating through to the root causing cavities. You can have our Denver pediatric dentist explain the differences and how they work together for a formidable dental prevention solution.

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