4 Simple Things To Do In Order to Maintain a Healthy Smile

Being passive about your dental care can be a serious problem in the long run. Problems can develop like tooth decay and the gum disease, gingivitis, will certainly be in your future. As our local Kannapolis pediatric dentist will tell you, this is true for both adults as well as children. With that in mind, below are four simple things you should be doing on a daily basis to maintain a healthy smile that will reflect well on your children and help them create healthy habits.

1. Brush Four to Five Times a Day

One of the best dental hygiene tips is also one of the simplest. You need to brush when you wake up, after meals and before you go to sleep. Sounds crazy, we know. But, it’s effective. Be sure to choose a tooth paste that contains fluoride and choose a tooth brush designed to get deep into the crevices between teeth, yet to a softness which you can tolerate and won’t irritate your gums too much. Electric tooth brushes can also be an option. Brushing this many times a day doesn’t need to be a headache either. There are plenty of travel cases to keep in your purse or in your desk at work. Your teeth and gums will thank you!

2. Avoid Certain Foods

Sugary foods are certainly one of the leading causes of cavities. If you want to avoid tooth decay, try to steer clear of foods high in sugar is a great idea, not only for your oral health, but your overall health as well. Many foods eat away at enamel, cause staining or create plaque which are both unpleasant to see and can cause you discomfort. Foods and drinks we recommend to avoid include:

• soda, even diet soda is bad of teeth
• candy
• sugary breakfast cereal
• juice
• sports drinks

3. Floss Everyday

One of the most important dental hygiene tips people tend to ignore is that they should floss daily. Flossing can help you save far more of your teeth into old age, increasing the longevity of a healthy smile. It removes the plaque that can cause tooth decay and breed gingivitis that eats away at your gums. Use traditional string floss before you go to sleep each night. Some of our patients even share that they carry toothpicks and travel flossing products to get in a quick floss after each meal. This tactic will also help reduce bad breath keeping unwanted food out of your mouth or trapped between the back molars causing an unpleasant smell with talking or breathing.

4. Use a Mouth Wash

Using a mouth wash or mouth rinse is also extremely important. Certain rinses are designed to add more fluoride to your teeth in a protective layer. However, you should also choose a mouth wash or rinse that kills germs including those that cause gingivitis.

While all the above dental hygiene tips will certainly help, our Kannapolis pediatric dentist highly recommends regular dental check-ups for you and your children at least twice per year. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, please consider setting up an appointment with our Kannapolis dental office by giving us a call today.